Celebrating 100 Episodes | Episode 100

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I love taking time to celebrate big (and not so big) milestones in mine and my client’s businesses and today I would love you to join me as I celebrate 100 episodes of Your Business Boost.

That’s 100 weeks in a row you have had me in your ears –  I don’t think there is anything else in my life that I have done consistently for 100 weeks!

In this episode I take a look back at some of the highlights of the last two years. I share my biggest learnings and mike-drop moments and how creating this podcast has boosted my own business and others.

I share the process I follow to choose who I interview, what makes a great podcast guest and who have been my all-time faves.

I’ll also give you the scoop of what’s coming up in Your Business Boost so make sure you stick around as there is more goodness to come.

I also received some beautiful feedback on the podcast in the lead up to the recording of this episode. I appreciate every single person who takes the time each week to have me in their ears – it means the world to me that what I share is having such a positive impact on your business and your life.

Here’s to the next 100!


Episodes shared today:

Abbie White – Episode 20
Shelly Horton – Episode 80
Felicity Zadro – Episode 71
Leanne Hasting – Episode 66 
Laura Macleod – Episode 58
Lise & Sarah – Episode 90
Dr Kristy Goodwin – Episode 95


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