Taking the Hassle Out of HR with Leanne Hasting | Episode 66

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You may have come to the realisation that to grow your business, you can’t do everything yourself. But bringing people onboard does mean that you need to deal with the seemingly complex world of HR.

Instead of fumbling your way through and making it up as you go (no, you are not the only one!!), my guest, Leanne Hasting, is here to help.

Leanne is the founder of Leanna J Consulting and is the Go-To HR support for busy small business owners and leading not-for-profits.

She makes HR easy to understand for her clients – and us – helping create productive, people-centred, compliant, genuinely happy workplaces.
Leanne is also a sought-after mentor for first-time managers and business owners who want to step into a leadership role with confidence and she has some great advice around this for us in this episode.
Leanne is honest, generous and completely non-judgemental. She also has a completely hilarious life boost for us so make sure you stick around till the end for that.

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