A Life Boost with Those Two Girls – Lise Carlaw & Sarah Wills | Episode 90

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Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills (aka ‘Those Two Girls’) are the girlfriends we wish we had in our gang. These besties are hugely successful media personalities, hosting hit local and national radio shows for years as well as being in-demand speakers & MCs.

When they turned 40, they launched the other must-listen-on-a-Monday podcast called Forty where they celebrate the life lessons and stories of popular and everyday women in their forties.

In 2022 they published their first book Forty Favours the Brave and it is hands down one of my books of the year – possibly ever.

The book follows the same theme as the podcast  – the girls and other women from all walks of life, share insightful tales about entering their forties and beyond: things they wish they’d known, relationship changes, heartbreaks survived, confidence gained and the joy of life in its second act.

It was such a treat to sit down and talk to the girls about the book, their friendship and life in their 40s. They are generous with all that they share and utterly hilarious so strap yourself in for my chat with Lise and Sarah.

Enjoy x

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