The Value of Exceptional Service with Laura Macleod | Episode 58

by | 16 May 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

This week’s guest is a multi-award-winning hairdresser and highly acclaimed national educator, Laura Macleod. Just over four years ago, Laura exited her successful, seven-figure business to pursue her true love – educating, mentoring and training salon owners and their teams.

Laura is a champion for her industry and is her clients’ biggest cheerleader.  With emphasis in the digital space on “building a community”, Laura has built hers without a digital platform. The secret ingredient? Providing exceptional service. She is heavily invested in her community and they love her for it. Seriously, their loyalty to her is akin to Tay Tay’s Swifties.

In our chat, we talked about the value and importance of service, how she supported her community through the horror show that has been the last 2 years, how important it is for the helpers to have helpers and much more.

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