Meet your support crew. They get it, and they’ve got you.

In Accountability Circle, you’ll find your people; fellow business owners, brilliant women, kind and generous humans gathering monthly and staying connected to inspire, encourage and hold each other to account.

Empowering female founders to elevate their business—and their life.

Being a business owner can feel isolating. You are carrying the weight of being Chief of Everything Officer; wearing multiple hats and keeping all the balls in the air.

To counter the isolation you’ve probably tried networking groups, online communities and industry meetups. Yet you still find yourself wishing there was something MORE.

Something with…

More connection. More depth. More accountability. More honesty. More support.

Accountability Circle is the “something more” you’ve been searching for.

It’s a safe space where you don’t need to be “on”. Somewhere you can drop the mask and share openly and vulnerably about what is really happening in your business and life.

It’s a circle of professional and successful women in the trenches with you, who will challenge and elevate you without judgement or jealousy.

Your Accountability Circle will be your very own support crew who have your back, always, through the ups and downs of business ownership.


Each Circle is a group of up to 8 women who make an annual commitment to show up for themselves and one another, every month.

Facilitated by me, Michelle Broadbent, accountability systems are embedded into the monthly meetings to help you keep on track with your goals and maintain momentum in between our face-to-face sessions.

2 x Business Planning Days

All circles are brought together twice a year for an in-depth planning day. You’ll be guided to set goals for the months ahead, and identify the actions you want your Circle to help hold you accountable to.

9 x 3.5-hour Monthly Meetings

Your Circle meets in-person monthly for a facilitated meeting that provides a safe, open space for you to share the challenges and successes of your business and life, and seek the guidance you need.

1 x Annual 3-Day Luxury Retreat

Once a year your circle will gather for a 3-day off-site retreat. This is your opportunity to step out of the daily grind, take time for yourself and be guided through deep self reflection and personal development.

Accountability Circles are currently held in locations throughout Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Inquire about our Wait Lists for other cities in the near future.

Meet your Facilitator

Hello, I’m Michelle Broadbent.

I have been a trusted advisor and partner to female founders for more than 25 years. I provide the tools and confidence to overcome the challenges of running a business alone, giving women the freedom, time and space to enjoy what matters most – in business and life.

The most defining thing about me is that I am passionate about and committed to seeing women succeed. I am a sounding board, a safe pair of hands, a voice of reason and a motivating force.

Something I know from my lived experience is that the most successful women do not get to where they want to go alone. They have a trusted network lifting them up, a support crew who are there for the highs and the lows and are fully invested in their success.

This is why I am here – to create that support network for you so that you can go further than you ever thought possible.

Here’s the thing…

There’s no satisfaction in achieving business success if you’re constantly stressed, unhealthy and feeling disconnected from your loved ones.

Success comes in many forms, and we each get to decide what that looks like. But regardless of your definition of success, we all know that accomplishments in business are exponentially more rewarding—and joyful—when they aren’t achieved at the expense of everything that truly matters to you.

That’s why Accountability Circle is about so much more than business. Your Circle is committed to your growth and success in all areas of life.

Meet Your Circle

As business owners, we spend most of our time making sure everyone else stays on track. But who helps keep you on track?

Who within your inner circle keeps you motivated, focused and committed to your own goals? Who holds space for you to air your fears and challenges without the threat of competition or judgement?

That’s where Accountability Circle comes in.

You’ll step away from your business for half a day each month to focus on YOU. You’ll be surrounded by fellow growth-minded women who equally love those juicy, thought-provoking questions.

Together you’ll share your achievements, overcome challenges, refocus on your goals, seize opportunities, and recharge your entrepreneurial spirit.

You’ll discover a connection that extends beyond the monthly meetings.

With Accountability Circle, you’ll have a circle of support and the wisdom of other women on speed dial whenever you need.


Sharing your goals with others dramatically increases the likelihood of you achieving them.

Add to that a team of cheerleaders wanting to see you succeed, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Here’s what you can expect in our monthly meetings.

Accountability Updates

Each member talks through their monthly update following the Accountability Circle template which covers the highs, lows, opportunities and challenges across both business and personal life.

Sharing of Group “GOLD”

Having heard each fellow member’s update, we collectively share any nuggets of wisdom from personal experience, suggest connections to make or resources to aid, and ask “How can we help”?

Development Opportunity

No two months will ever be the same. Each month’s development opportunity is chosen to best support the needs of the group, from guest experts to “hot seats” to collectively workshop individual challenges.

The connections formed within our Circles are invaluable.

They have led to incredible opportunities, collaborations, resource-sharing, and the spark of incredible ideas.

That’s because each Circle is carefully curated, featuring a magical mix of women from diverse backgrounds and businesses, each bringing unique perspectives and experiences to help you reach your true potential.


Your investment

$4,450 + GST per annum*


2 x Planning Days in January + July each year
9 x Monthly 3.5 hour face-to-face meetings
1 x Annual 3 day off-site conference *

*conference accommodation + travel costs not included in annual fee.

All dates are booked a year in advance. Commitment to attending meetings and the retreat in person is a prerequisite for membership.

Accountability systems are embedded into the meetings to encourage growth from both a personal and professional perspective.

*Payment plan options available on request


If you’re interested in joining an Accountability Circle, please get in touch and Michelle will organise a time to talk to you about the program and answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the time commitment for Accountability Circle?

Meetings run for 3.5 hours on the same day of the week and same week of the month each month.

There is reflection and preparation required for each session which should take no more than 30 minutes

We are a social bunch so there will be the occasional coffee, breakfast, wine or dinner but these are totally optional. You will also be required to attend an annual retreat that is run over 3 days.

Where are the meetings held?

Monthly meetings are held in the CBD close to transport and parking options.

What if I can’t make it in person?

Being in the room with the rest of the circle is essential. All dates are booked a year in advance so that all members can commit to the schedule.

Is this only for businesses at a particular stage or making a certain amount of money?

We have women at all different stages of business – those who have just hit the six-figure revenue mark through to those whose businesses are generating multi-millions of dollars in revenue.

We welcome all women who are committed to personal and professional growth.

What sort of businesses do Accountability Circle members own?

One of the many wonderful aspects of Accountability Circle is the variety of women you will connect with. Types of business range from one-woman solo operators to international entities and everything in between.

Current members come from the following industries:
• Legal
• Financial Services
• Marketing
• PR
• Recruitment
• Leadership Training
• Insurance
• Customer experience
• Design
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Family businesses

What if I don’t connect with the other women in my group?

One of the many joyful things about Accountability Circle is connecting with and learning from women that you may not ordinarily encounter in your regular life. The groups are carefully curated to ensure best fit. Everyone comes with a growth mindset and we have a strict “No Dickhead” policy. Accountability Circle is by application only for this very reason. If there is a genuine mis-match then you have the ability to move to a different group.

I am concerned about confidentiality. What exactly do I have to share with the group?

Confidentiality is of utmost importance and this is reiterated in the monthly sessions. A breach of confidentiality will result in removal from the group.Accountability Circle is a safe space where everyone shares their reality – the challenges and successes of business and life. The more open you are, the more you are going to get out of your experience. You are not required to share detailed financial information.

I have a business partner, can we both join Accountability Circle?

Yes, we welcome you both but you will be placed in separate circles.

Am I required to do business with other Accountability Circle members?

NO!! This is not the purpose of Accountability Circle. We have some awesome service providers within the circles but you are under absolutely no obligation to engage their services.

Incredible things happen when women show up and hold space for one another.

Experience it for yourself with Accountability Circle.

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