Be Kind To Yourself: Plan Time To Rest

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It is the season for goal setting and planning for all that you want to achieve for the year. And you CAN achieve so much this year.

But you can’t be “on” all year long. 52 weeks of go, go, go is going to break you. Many women in my world crashed and burned before the end of 2021. Did you feel like this? I don’t want that for you this year.

You need to schedule time for rest.

Start the year as you mean to continue.

Here’s how you can incorporate rest into your plans this year:


Schedule your holidays. If you put them in first, then everything needs to work around them instead of you trying to find space in your year to fit them in. Take it one step further and book the accommodation or flights (refundable ones would be sensible right now). Your future self will be so happy you did.


Take a full weekday off per month. If you are running your own business, you don’t need to get your boss’ approval. This is not a day to run errands though. It’s a day to do something restorative – have lunch with a girlfriend, go for a beautiful walk for a few hours, get a massage, paint, sit in a comfy chair and read


Where is your downtime through the course of a regular week? Are you using your weekend’s to recharge? Establish boundaries around how you spend your time and be mindful of what you are saying “yes” to that is preventing you from resting.


Go to bed. Everything is always better on the other side of a good night’s sleep. I use the Sleep Focus function on my phone to remind me. It makes me stop scrolling and acts as a Go To Bed alarm.

You shouldn’t need to feel like you have to “earn” your rest. It’s not a reward for working really hard. It’s essential to our lives, like food and water. Try these tips and make rest a priority this year.


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