Balancing Business Building and Family | Episode 43

by | 24 Jan 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

As we are about to kick off another school year, those of us who balance business building and child-raising contemplate how we are going to make it work this year.

My guest is one of my oldest work-mates, Lisa Byrne. Lisa is an eCommerce mentor and mum of two. Before either of us were mums or business owners, we worked together in the crazy world of kids television. 

Lisa runs a successful, profitable business providing a service that people are lining up for. She has a tonne of satisfied clients and is fulfilled by the work she does.

But Lisa is super transparent about how tough she finds it to balance her parental responsibilities with business building. In a world full of smoke and mirrors and curated, Insta-worthy moments, Lisa’s openness is refreshing.

In our chat, Lisa shares the biggest challenges and learnings from building a business while raising a family. If you wonder how it’s possible to balance both business building and family, you are going to enjoy this episode.

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