New Year, New Career with Bec Sands | Episode 41

by | 10 Jan 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

The New Years’ festivities are over and hopefully, you have enjoyed a lovely break. Often we can get clarity on big life decisions when we take a break from our regular life. There are a LOT more women who are ready for a change this year

My guest today, Bec Sands is someone who has supported many professional women as they have taken big career leaps and she is here to share her wisdom with you. 

As a career pivot coach and personal branding specialist, Bec helps professional women pivot into aligned, fulfilling, careers and businesses. She supports them to build personal brands that enable them to scale their income, do work that aligns with their values, and land incredible opportunities that help them grow.

I wanted you to meet Bec as there is much talk of the Great Resignation this year and, whether you believe it or not, I thought Bec would be a great person to chat about this with if you are secretly (or not so secretly) one of the women looking to make a change.

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Business Strategist. Business Advisor. Wing-Woman.

Providing female business owners with smart, strategic solutions to transform the way they operate their business, and life.




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