My Books of the Year | Episode 87

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I love reading. Sharing and receiving a great book recommendation always gives me a boost.

Given that Christmas is round the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to share my Books of the Year so you had some goodies to add to your Wish List or to give you some gift inspiration for the special people in your life.


The books featured in this episode are:

That Will Never Work – Marc Randolph

Stolen Focus – Johann Hari

The Road Less Stupid – Keith Cunningham

The Gap & The Gain – Dan Sullivan

Forty Favours the Brave – Lise Carlaw & Sarah Wills

The Soulmate – Sally Hepworth

Exiles – Jane Harper


I have also shared book recommendations in Episode 77 – What’s Been Boosting My Life and in Episode 38 – Your Summer Reading List

You can find a full list of book recommendations from this year’s guests here.

What has been your favourite book this year? Please email me at michelle@michellebroadbent.com.au and share for me to add to my reading list for the holidays.

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