Life is Tough But So Are You | Episode 19

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Briony Benjamin is sunshine personified and she sparks joy to all of those around her. But her life has not been without its challenges.

Briony is a cancer survivor. But in her typical “turn lemons into lemonade” way of being, she has shared the most important lessons from this time in her life in her new book “Life it Tough But So Are You”.

In our chat today, Briony very generously shares some of the lessons that she learnt through her illness and recovery. Everything from how to assemble your support team in times of crisis, happy hacks for cutting yourself some slack and some great tips for how to help when a friend or loved one is going through a tough time…

If you want some joy in your day as well as have some tools ready for when life gets tricky, you are going to love our chat.

Read Briony’s Book: Life is Tough But So Are You

Watch Briony’s video: You Only Get One Life

Get a dose of Briony’s positivity by following her on Instagram @briony_benjamin
or her website: www.brionybenjamin.com

The book she mentions in our chat is Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World and Things are Better Than You Think

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