How To Finish the Year Strong in Your Business

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There are approximately 50 working days between now and Christmas. There is no need to panic – 2022 is not over yet!

You still have time to get momentum on your goals, take action and finish the year strong and set yourself up beautifully for an incredible 2023.

Here are five steps you can take this week to make that happen:

Choose Your Focus

You can do anything but you can’t do everything before the end of the year. Pick a theme or big business objective for the rest of the year. Hang your goals and actions off that big objective or theme. Narrowing your focus will ensure you move the needle forward rather than draining your energy scattering it towards multiple different things.

Capture Your Ideas

Have a place to capture all the other ideas that keep popping into your head.

What I love about this process is that once you have captured an idea, it stops taking up precious mental real estate.

Consider a digital or a non digital place to catch your ideas. I love a gorgeous notebook but I can’t carry it with me everywhere so I also use the Notes app on my phone.

Schedule time in the future to refer back to those notes and ideas as they hold the potential of what you will pursue in 2023.

Work with your reality

How much time do you truly have available in order to get this stuff done?

Establish exactly how much time you have available and work with your reality (not someone else’s).

You do not need to write the rest of the year off, but you also need to work with what time you actually have available. There is so much that impacts our time at this stage of the year – Melbourne Cup day for example, Christmas parties and other festivities. If, like me, you have kids there’s the end of year presentation days, school holidays and a host of other events that are going to hijack part of your working week. You need to be really real about how much time you’ve actually got to do the work and work with that.

Audit your calendar

The great thing about running your own business is that you get to be the boss of your time. At this time of year, you need to be ninja with your calendar to ensure there is space for the important tasks in your business and to be there for the special events in your life.

Go through your calendar and ensure everything that needs to be in there is. This goes for personal and business because they are going to impact each other. Remove anything that doesn’t need to be there. Let the people know now that you won’t be able to attend and cancel now (not at the last minute).

Keep taking action

Your success depends on you taking many tiny incremental actions in the direction of your goals. It sounds so simplistic but people set goals that fill up space on their computer or remain buried in a drawer never to be looked at.

Capture all your action steps in a format that works for you – it could be as basic as an Excel or Google Sheet or if you’re using something more sophisticated like Asana, Monday or Trello then use that. It doesn’t matter where you capture them, as long as you have them where you can see them and do them.

Don’t stress out about what you may not achieve before Christmas. If you take ten steps out of a 20 step plan, you’re ten steps closer to achieving that goal than you were if you took zero. Keep going in the right direction and know that what doesn’t happen this year can still happen next year.

The world is not going to end on the 23 December. You have a whole new year starting on the 1 January with 365 more days to bring those other brilliant ideas of yours to life.

This is the time of year where I often have people reaching out to me in a head spinning, freaked out state. So I have opened up four spots in my calendar for one-off 1:1 Momentum Sessions. We will spend 75 minutes together to get you out of that wheel-spinning mode and move you forward so that you can finish the year strong. Please contact me michelle@michellebroadbent.com.au for more information.


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