End of Year Reflection

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While there are still a couple of weeks until we hit 2022, I am ready to wave goodbye to the Craziest Year There Ever Was, aren’t you??

A great way to wrap up the year is to do your own reflection process like the one I shared on this week’s Your Business Boost podcast. I find it really beneficial to do this before planning for the year ahead.

Grab your notepad and take yourself somewhere away from your usual place of work – you might like the buzz of a busy cafe or the peace of your favourite outdoor space like the beach or park.

Take some time to consider:

What am I most proud of?

What went well this year?
What did I enjoy doing?
What was easy?
What had the most positive impact on my business?
What was my biggest achievement?
What do I want to do more of next year?

What felt hard/overwhelming this year?
What did I not enjoy doing?
What should I have stopped doing?
What had the most negative impact on my business?
Where did I waste time this year?
What was my biggest challenge?
What do I need to change for next year?

What were my biggest learnings?

You may need to refer to your calendar to jog your memory. This year seemed particularly long to me and things I thought happened last year only happened in June this year!!!

Celebrate all that you have achieved this year. I make a point of celebrating ALL the milestones – even the not-so-big ones.

Tell me, what are you going to be celebrating? What are you most proud of?


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