Dealing with Digital Depletion with Dr Kristy Goodwin | Episode 47

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If you find yourself unable to “switch-off”, you are not alone. 

If you find it difficult to concentrate, you are not alone.

If you find yourself switching from one task to another every 2 minutes, you are not alone.

If you are feeling exhausted at the end of a day of Zoom meetings, you are not alone.

Living in a digital age, none of this is our fault – but there is something we can do about it.

Today’s guest, Dr Kristy Goodwin is here to set the record straight about how and why our lives are so impacted by technology and what we can do to overcome digital depletion.

Kristy is a digital wellbeing and neuro-productivity speaker, author and researcher. Her superpower is decoding the neurobiology of peak performance in a digital age.

Kristy’s philosophy is not about throwing your laptop out the window, doing digital detoxes or never responding to another Zoom meeting request. Instead she is all about realistic, actionable solutions for us to build sustainable digital habits to improve our performance and function better in our lives. And that is what she is sharing with you today.

You are going to come away from this episode with some easy to use tools in your tool kit to deal with digital depletion and rescue your time.

Kristy’s book recommendation is:

Four Thousand Weeks – Embrace Your Limits. Change Your Life by: Oliver Burkeman

Connect with Kristy and soak up more of her wisdom at drkristygoodwin.com

Link to Dr Kristy’s Taming Email Masterclass– use code inboxsanity for 20% discount

Free Beat Zoom-Fatigue masterclass and tip sheet can be accessed here.

Link to Dr Kristy’s eBook on Productivity Hacks

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