Building a Successful Long Term Business | Episode 27

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We can’t be what we can’t see and as business owners we are constantly on the lookout for women who have walked a path before us. What is it really like to build a long-term, sustainable business?

My guest today is Jen Dugard has done just that. She has been in business for more than 13 years and over this time her business has evolved enormously – from being a trainer to training other fitness professionals to build and scale businesses that align with their values.

Jen has done some things that many business owners have on the bucket list including that shift away from trading time for dollars, international expansion, and productising her offering to becoming a known brand.

This is a really honest chat about how all of those things came to be and it is going to show you just how much your business can (and should) evolve over its lifetime.


Connect with Jen: https://www.jendugard.com/
Instagram: @jendugard

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