Building a Business with Your Life Partner | Episode 104

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Have you ever considered building a business with your life partner?

You may have romantic notions of working alongside your loved one day-in and day-out. Or perhaps you couldn’t think of anything worse??!

How about building a second business with your husband within the first year of becoming new parents??!

That’s exactly what my guest today has done and she is here to tell us what it’s been like.

Amy Faulkner and her husband Alex founded their brand strategy consultancy Starts with A in 2016 and have been working alongside each other ever since.

Just over 18 months ago they became parents, moved countries AND started a second business together.

Amy shares her learnings and exactly how she has made it all happen. She will be the first to tell you that she is NOT superwoman but she is an Action Taker. And she and Alex have taken considered action to live the life of their dreams. Right now.


For more information and to purchase Really Good Conversations visit Here 
Amy has given listeners a discount code: MB23
(for 15% off, valid until 5th June 2023)

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