Being a Neurodivergent Business Leader with Sarah Spence | Episode 103

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Trigger Warning: This episode contains references to themes of depression and anxiety.

As business owners, it’s easy to fall into a trap of working in a bit of a bubble. There is a world full of amazing people who think, learn and behave in diverse ways and it’s important to expand our knowledge and exposure so that we can be even better service providers, and humans.

As a supporter of neurodiverse women in my business, I am learning more every day about the nuances of assisting women who work, think and process information completely differently to me.

Which is why I asked today’s guest, Sarah Spence, to join me for a chat.

Sarah has grown her content marketing business from a solopreneur to an agency with a team of 20 in just 2 years. During this time of amazing growth, Sarah was diagnosed with ADHD.

In our chat, Sarah shares openly about her experience of ADHD and how it’s impacted her as a business founder.

Sarah is a champion of neurodivergent people and gives us some great tips for working with neurodiverse people in our lives. I learned so much during my chat with Sarah and I know you will too.

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