Awesome Ways To Spring Clean Your Business

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Spring is here and it’s the ideal time to review the digital functions of your business and give them a tidy-up.

This is particularly important for the many businesses who are dialling up their marketing and promotional activity this month. You want to make sure everything is ticking along as it should accommodate the extra attention and the growth that will come from that.

Put Your Best Face Foward

What are people seeing when they find you? It’s so important for your messaging and branding to be consistent across all touchpoints of your business. Take the time to do an audit of everything outward facing – your website, your socials, landing pages, email sequences.

Make sure your images are up to date and downloading properly, and that all the links are working. What about your contact pages? Are you receiving all the enquiries that come through?

With your product/service information – make sure that copy is up to date so you don’t have people stumbling across old pricing or offers.

I suggest stepping through it as though you were a brand new customer. What is the experience like? We can be blissfully unaware that something is causing friction and making it hard for someone to buy from us. Now’s the time to check and fix.

Here Are Some Awesome Ways To Spring Clean Your Business

Clean Up Your Digital Space


File – ask yourself before you file something if you really need to save it?
Folder clean up – reduce the number of folders. Archive works just as well and it’s easy to search
Unsubscribe from emails you no longer wish to receive

Desktop: Can you even see it for all the files on there? Clean it up and then select a gorgeous image or quote to encourage you to keep it from becoming a dumping ground.

Database clean up: Delete anyone who has unsubscribed (you are paying for them you know) or anyone who hasn’t opened any emails from you since the beginning of the year.

Scheduling & Automations: If you have automated functions of your business like appointment setting, confirmations and reminders, run through the process through the lens of a potential client and make sure everything works.

Calendar audit:

In order to get everything you want to get done before the end of the year, you need to be sure you are dedicating your time to the right things. What’s in there that doesn’t need to be? Clean it up and give yourself some white space.

I explore this in more detail in Episode 73 of Your Business Boost, you can listen here: http://michellebroadbent.com.au/podcast

You can also download your own September Business Audit checklist here: https://www.michellebroadbent.online/audit


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