Why You Can’t Afford to be Busy with Julie Hyde | Episode 64

by | 27 Jun 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

What are you so busy doing??

I have been consciously trying to avoid using the word “Busy” because, let’s face it, we are ALL busy and it’s BORING to talk about how busy we are all the time isn’t it??

Yet “busy” has become a default answer whenever we are asked “How are you?”

My guest in this episode is leadership coach Julie Hyde. Julie’s mission is for us to elevate our thinking around what keeps us “busy” and the importance of living and leading with intention.

Julie drops loads of gold in this conversation. My favourite quote of her’s was “we can’t lead others until you can lead yourself”. Boom!

Julie also generously shares a personal story that illustrates exactly why it is so important for us to fill our time with meaningful, purposeful activities.

Julie’s Meditation app recommendation: One Giant Mind

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