The Power of Reducing Physical & Mental Clutter | Episode 10

by | 7 Jun 2021 | Podcast | 0 comments

This week’s podcast features special guest Bridget Johns, founder of Be Simply Free, a professional organising and declutter coaching business.

Her mission is to teach women to reduce their mental load by decluttering their homes, phones, calendars and minds so they can find more space in their homes and time in their calendars to collect moments, not things!

In our chat we talk about the importance of doing more of what makes us happy and prioritising “me” time. Bridget shares loads of tips to enable us to make time to do that.

This episode will give you a real Life Boost. Enjoy! x

In our chat, Bridget refers to Tiffany Dufu’s book “Drop The Ball” http://tiffanydufu.com/drop-the-ball

Link to Bridget’s “Finding Time” masterclass: www.besimplyfree.com.au/masterclass.

You can connect with Bridget:
Facebook: Be Simply Free www.facebook.com/besimplyfree
Instagram: @be.simplyfree www.instagram.com/be.simplyfree
Website: www.besimplyfree.com.au

As always if you have any questions or feedback, email me at michelle@michellebroadbent.com.au


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