Take Action on Your 2021 Business Plans

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Everyone seems to be in planning mode this month which is fabulous. But a lot of people get stuck bringing those plans to life – they get fixated on the WHAT and forget about the HOW.

So if you are staring at your gorgeously created Vision Board or Planner and wondering how to make it all happen, here are some tips to get you moving:

  • Put your goals where you can see them – how many times do we write something down and then bury it in a drawer, never to look at it again until December. Out of sight out of mind. You could stick them on the wall in your office or on a corkboard if you are short on space. You might want to keep everything in a brightly coloured folder that sits on your desk that you can’t help but notice every time you sit down. Other people have them as their home screen or desktop image.
  • Break it down to bite sized pieces – having goals like “I want to grow my email list by X this quarter” is great but you need to identify and capture all the steps necessary to achieve this goal. Once you have captured every microstep you need to….
  • Take action – action builds momentum so if you haven’t already, pick one thing today that is going to move the needle forward. It could be as simple as sending an email or making a phone call. Just one thing. Then tomorrow you will do the next thing and you will keep going. It’s the action that will lead to your success… not thinking about it, not writing about it, not doing another course about it. Keep taking action.
  • Schedule time to check in & measure – this step is crucial. If you are not constantly measuring how you are tracking then months go by and before you know it you get to the end of the quarter and you are no further towards achieving your desired outcome. You need to stay on top of it and the best way of ensuring this happens is to block time into your calendar.

There is something else you can do to ensure you reach your goals this year.

Tell someone.

Last year I did a snap poll of my Instagram community and learnt that a tiny 8% of them shared your business plans with someone. That really shocked me and made me a little sad if I’m honest.

I love being privy to my clients’ plans – knowing what they want to achieve and helping make it happen. I’m their trusted partner, sounding board and cheerleader. And we achieve their goals… I make absolutely sure of that.

So increase your chances of achieving your goals and think about who you can share your plans with this year. Do you have a business bestie? Are you part of a mastermind or biz group where you support one another? Or is there someone in your circle you can be each others’ accountability buddy? Or would you like it to be me???

I have supported many women just like you and have capacity to help you too. Reach out if you would like more info about working with me this year. xx




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