Seasons of Sacrifice | Episode 118

by | 7 Aug 2023 | Podcast | 0 comments

There’s nothing like crossing over into the second half of the year to trigger you to take action on those big projects in your business.

I am supporting a number of women to bring some massive goals to life this quarter and a common conundrum is “How am I going to fit this in among all the other competing priorities in my life?”

In a perfect world, everything would slot in beautifully but in reality, life needs some serious adjustment in order to give these projects the required energy and focus to achieve the outcomes you want.

I call these Seasons of Sacrifice.

This is a break from normal programming – it doesn’t last forever but there is always a reason for the season. Sometimes we consciously choose the season, other times the season is forced upon us.

Whatever the reason, I have some tips to get you through it and out the other side and I’m sharing them with you in this episode.

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