Raising Your Profile with Erin Huckle | Episode 49

by | 7 Mar 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

Are you the World’s Best Kept Secret? 

I know so many talented women with the most fantastic service offering who will do anything to avoid actually telling anyone about it. 

Maybe you’re one of them? Does the thought of “putting yourself out there” make you want to run and hide? 

I would like you to meet Erin Huckle, founder of Chuckle Communications and my guest in this episode. Erin is in the business of shining the spotlight on others, helping the World’s Best Kept Secrets share their stories with confidence. 

Erin takes the cringe-factor out of profile raising activity and shares some brilliant tools to make it as pain-free as possible for you. She has a great  mindset shift if you struggle with the idea of “putting yourself out there” and she wraps up our chat with a really great life boost for you too.

Erin Huckle, the founder of Chuckle Communications, is in the business of raising the profiles of her clients through proactive PR, amazing award entries and compelling written content. She works with small businesses and leaders, to find their voice and tell their stories.  

Connect with Erin 

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