Mastering Your Finances with Hilary O’Dwyer | Episode 109

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It’s that time of year. The calendar ticks over to the month of June this week which means end of financial year.

With the focus on finance, I thought it would be the ideal time to have a chat with my client and oracle of all things finance, Hilary O’Dwyer.

Hilary is a Virtual CFO and the founder of Titian Consulting. She is a numbers ninja and champion for small business owners. She helps everyone from one-person start-ups to international enterprises untangle their numbers and achieve financial success.

Hilary’s gift is sharing her financial knowledge in an easy to digest manner and demystifying the hard stuff – and that’s exactly what she is doing for us in this episode.

In this episode, Hilary and I talk about the role a CFO plays in our business. She shares tips for how we can be more financially savvy in our businesses and where we should put our attention to ensure we are building a business that can survive long term.

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