Leading Generously with Sharon Williams | Episode 56

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One of the qualities that I most admire in women who are at the top of their game is generosity.

Usually, I find it’s the women who had to work really, really hard to get to where they are who tend to retain their generous spirit when they reach the top. It’s like they never forget where they came from, no matter how big their teams and their bank accounts become.

Today’s guest is one of those generous leaders.

Sharon Williams is CEO and founder of Taurus Marketing. She is an international marketer, PR strategist, speaker, entrepreneur and media commentator.

Sharon is passionate about empowering, educating, educating and inspiring others.

She created her mentoring program TaurusAcademy© for interns, graduates and members of her team. The support that she provides people through this program, even after they leave her employ, is next level.

I love sharing business success stories and I hope that you will be inspired by Sharon’s.

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