Know Your Audience with Nadine Nethery | Episode 72

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With so many services vying for people’s attention, as business owners – now more than ever – we need to be able to clearly communicate with our clients and potential clients so that we can cut through all the noise.

My guest today is Nadine Nethery, founder of CAN DO! Content and one of her superpowers is her ability to create copy that provides this cut through.

Nadine shares her most valuable insights around truly getting to know our audience being key to creating copy to attract, delight and retain those dream customers. She gives us the actions we can take to do this – in a painless way!

So, if you are on a mission to build genuine connections to drive sales and boost your business, you are going to enjoy my chat with Nadine.

Connect with Nadine:

CAN DO! Content 

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Link to Nadine’s Audience Success Formula

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