How to Choose the Right Coach for You | Episode 34

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I talk a lot about the importance of accountability as a business owner. Research proves that people who share their goals with someone else increase their chances of achieving them. You can only go so far on your own.

All successful entrepreneurs are coached in some way – enabling them to uplevel and grow. support helps you uplevel and grow. But choosing the right business coach can be quite a minefield. There are so many service providers out there offering the world on a platter. In today’s episode, I am sharing my tips on how to choose the right coach for you.

Where do you start?

You need to start by being crystal clear on your objectives – why do you need a coach? Is there a specific challenge that you want to focus on? There are all sorts of specialists – life coaches, money coaches, mindset coaches, marketing coaches, sales coaches, social media and generalists out there so you need to be clear of your objective BEFORE you go hunting for help otherwise you are going to end up feeling like your needs are not being met.

So you can identify the right type of support you require. You also need to know yourself enough to one-on-one or a group setting would work best for you. 

So how do you know who is the best person to provide this help?

My first tip is to ask those around you. Personal recommendations are the best place to start. Talk to people you know, who are doing well in business – chances are they have a coach. 

If possible, talk to the service provider personally. Think of it like choosing a romantic partner – it needs to be a good fit and someone you can see yourself having a connection with. Ask them, ‘How can you help me get to where I want to be?’ In an ideal world, a great coach would have walked the path before you themselves. Ensure they have achieved themselves what they say they can do for you.  

Ideally, try before you buy. Attend a workshop or introduction session, hosted by them, if you can. 

You do need to consider your budget. How do you justify the cost of utilising these services? How much is too much? 

With great coaching and great support, growth will happen in your business. Consider what you can afford and what your business is ready for. 

You can be surrounded and supported by the most incredible people, pay for the most expensive service and the highest level of coaching, but at the end of the day no coach can run your business for you. You do need to be willing to do the work. 

A good coach will challenge you but the more you stretch yourself, the more open, honest and brave you are – the bigger the transformation will be. 

I have yet to meet anyone whose business hasn’t been better off with the right support in their business.


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