Get Paid to Speak with Jaimie Abbott | Episode 82

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Would you like to boost your business by showcasing your expertise and getting paid to speak?

Jaimie Abbott is an award-winning media professional and international keynote speaker. She spent two decades working as a radio and TV journalist, a political media advisor and the managing director of her own public speaking and media training company. She’s also the Communications advisor for the Royal Australian Air Force and she was an elected councilor in Port Stephens in NSW up until last year.

In this episode, Jaimie shares her tips on how to build confidence, charisma, and get paid to share your expertise as a speaker.

We cover:

  • The use of storytelling to engage your audience
  • The importance of focusing on one main message
  • The speaking fee Jaimie boldly asked for – and received!
  • Building confidence and overcoming the fear of rejection
  • Why a seasoned speaker like Jaimie had a block around going live on Instagram
  • The tools every speaker should have in their toolkit

“You are never ready. You will never be ready. People say, I’m not ready, I’m not ready. Well, when are you going to be ready? You have to do it to get over that fear.”

This episode is full of tips to help you step into the spotlight and share your brilliance with a wider audience through public speaking

Join Jaimie’s Paid to Speak program and receive a free 1-1 coaching session https://www.jaimieabbott.com.au/paidtospeak

Connect with Jaimie:
Instagram: @jaimieabbottcomms

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