Follow Your Heart with Helen Jacobs | Episode 94

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As business owners we can have the tendency to go looking for solutions to our “problems” in all the wrong places. There is a lot of noise out there about what we should and shouldn’t be doing – it can be really hard to know our own minds.

But what if we had the tools to tap into and trust our own inner knowing? To get out of our heads and really listen to what our heart is telling us?

My guest today is Helen Jacobs – a renowned psychic who followed her own heart by quitting her successful PR career to support thousands of people all over the world through her work as a medium.

She has published her third book ‘Follow Your Heart’ – the practical and inspiring guide to tuning into what you really want, and how to work with the Universe to make it happen.

In this episode, Helen shares tools and insights we can use in our own lives. She believes everyone, not just psychics like her, is intuitive and it is that intuition that can help us live the life we dreamed of if we tap into it.

You can purchase Helen’s book ‘Follow Your Heart

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