Demystifying Facebook Ads with Stacey Hughes | Episode 61

by | 6 Jun 2022 | Podcast | 0 comments

It can feel a little like the world of Facebook ads is a mystery. It’s an ever changing landscape and a source of frustration for many small business owners.

Today’s guest is Stacey Hughes – a digital ads expert and she is here to demystify the world of Facebook ads for us. Stacey helps small business owners boost brand awareness and attract more clients with attention-getting digital ads that deliver clicks, leads and ultimately, sales.

In this episode, Stacey shares some actionable advice that we can implement right away to start attracting new customers into our world.

‘You can slowly build up an organic audience, or you can fast-track your results with clever, targeted ads campaigns,’ says Stacey. ‘I want business owners to learn from the mistakes I’ve made and fast-track their success, sell-out their courses and build the business of their dreams.’

You can connect with Stacey here

And download her free resource here

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