Who I am

Business partner

Throughout my career, I have been the eyes and ears for entrepreneurs across an array of industries, including; media, marketing, fashion, design, executive coaching, sales and training, helping businesses grow successfully from one-woman entities to known brands.

I’ve also built a successful business from scratch while raising a family. I know what it is to juggle, balance, fret, and wrestle with all the challenges you are experiencing now.

What I give my clients is a strategy to cut through the chaos. I tune in to what they need holistically and provide strategic, practical advice to grow a business they are really proud of without compromising on the parts of their life they love best.

I am a sounding board, a safe pair of hands, a voice of reason and a motivating force. I connect people, build confidence, and stretch my clients to achieve their goals for themselves and business.

Do I sound like someone you want supporting you and your business?

Let’s talk.

Michelle x

A little about me

I am a solopreneur and mum to two gorgeous girls and Jett, a black cavoodle. I’m energised by my spending time with my great girlfriends, dancing, travelling and enjoying the spectacular Northern Beaches where I live. I am a podcast addict, a bookworm and musical theatre is my sport.

Perhaps the most defining thing about me is that I am passionate about and committed to seeing women succeed.

My passion project, The Savvy Single Mum, is a place where I share my stories and strategies for women navigating the world of solo parenting (you can follow along at @thesavvy_singlemum on Insta)


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