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The Easiest Way to Grow Your Business

I am yet to meet a small business owner who relishes the thought of “business development”. The idea of cold calling/emailing feels them with dread so they spend money on SEO, Facebook advertising and developing lead magnets because they see it as an easier way to attract new clients.

Do you want to know the easiest, most cost-effective way to grow your business?

Look after the clients you’ve got.


Every time you do business with someone you are establishing a relationship. You do good by them, they are going to tell their friends and then one day those friends may become your customers too (that’s what Walt Disney thought and look where that got him).

However, relationships require nurturing and maintenance.

Think how you feel when you see your health insurer or mobile phone provider offering some amazing deal to new clients while you continue to pay hefty fees each month without so much as a “Hey how are you?” or “Thanks for being such a loyal customer”.

You feel neglected right? And what do people do when they feel neglected?

They go looking for love elsewhere.

You don’t have to smother your clients but there are lots of small, impactful ways you can ensure they feel your love:


  1. Say Thank You – it sounds so obvious but this is not done nearly enough which will make it so memorable when you do it. You could say it via email or to really stand out send a handwritten card or meaningful gift to show your appreciation.
  2. Follow and Engage on Social Media – are you following your client’s business pages? Liking, commenting and sharing not only shows your interest, it also gives you an insight into what is going on with them, which in turn will help you with the following…
  3. Congratulate Them – if you read or hear about something amazing your client has done, drop them a line to congratulate them. Google Alerts is your friend here.
  4. Read and Share Their Work – if they have published an article, white paper or blog post be sure to read it and share it among your network.
  5. Support their Service – if they are selling tickets to an event – buy one, if they are speaking at a conference – go along, if they have written a book – buy it, if they have a special on – tell your friends, if they host a podcast – subscribe and review it to help lift their ranking.
  6. Be a Connector – hook them up with potential clients. Spread the word among your network and introduce them to people you think they should know.
  7. Look for Opportunities to Work Together – this could be anything from co-presenting a workshop or webinar or collaborating on another piece of business.
  8. Offer Support on a Non-Work Related Matter – are they having a baby? Send them something that helped you out enormously as a new parent. Have they entered a charity run? Sponsor them. Going on holidays somewhere you have been? Send them links to your favourite restaurants. I have shared everything from my babysitter’s phone number to hotel recommendations with my clients.


Start incorporating these practices into your day and watch what happens. Just make sure that whatever you do, you do it with sincerity – people can sniff out a fake from miles away. Let me know how you go!