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Ask For What You Want

Last weekend I was honoured to co-ordinate an inspirational event for three women who I have admired for some time – Kelly Exeter, Alexx Stuart and Brooke McAlary. I absolutely love what they stand for and it was wonderful to help them put on event for a community of like-minded souls.

Over the course of the afternoon a number of the participants asked me “How did you come to be involved in this event?”

My answer…


“I asked to be”


When I worked for someone else, I would sometimes find myself supporting somebody whose values were not aligned with mine or promoting a product that I wasn’t passionate about.  Once I started my own business, I promised myself that I would only work with people and businesses that I truly believed in.

The thing is, most of these people don’t even know I exist let alone what problem I can solve for them. So if I want the opportunity to work with people I admire, I have to put on my big girl pants on and reach out to them and ask if they would like my help.

This can be heart-attack inducing stuff for many of you but it is a really powerful place to operate from - “I choose to be of service to you”.

Your approach can take whatever form feels most comfortable to you. Some people think nothing of picking up the phone and cold calling (personally that makes me break out in a cold sweat), a well-worded email can do the trick or reaching out via social media.

Does it work all the time? Absolutely not! I loathed working for a certain high-profile recruitment boss lady back in the day but one thing I learned from my time there was that business is a numbers game. The more people you ask to be of service to the more chance you have to hear a “yes please”.

And believe me, there is nothing better than those wins that come getting something that you have asked for.


So why not give it a try? Start small. Put together a list of who your ideal clients would be and find a way of connecting to them. Spend some time genuinely engaging with them on social media. Drop them a line to compliment them on something they have written/created. Little steps like these will boost your confidence when it comes to putting yourself out there.

Remember – you’ve got what someone else needs, they just don’t know it yet.