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There is room for everyone

Social media – it is a blessing and a curse for us business owners. Now the irony that you probably came to this blog via social media is not lost on me but hear me out.

How many hours did you spend last week going down the rabbit-hole of your competitor’s social media feed? What used to be hidden information or only shared with their inner circle is now out there for everyone – yourself included - to see.

I am not dissing the importance of knowing your competition but it should not be where you focus your energy. Are you aware of much time are you spending worrying about what everyone else is doing and the toll it is taking on your business?

Imagine you are a hairdresser. There is at least one in every suburb, in many areas way more than one. Would you spend all day driving around Sydney spying in the windows of other salons to see how many customers they have that day. What would be the good of that? It would prevent you from taking care of your own customers and running your own business.

Metaphorically speaking, that is what you are doing every time you stalk your competitors on Facebook or scroll through their Instagram feed.  This kind of activity is not a productive use of your (precious) time. You are only seeing their highlight reel. You are not seeing what is really going on in the trenches, how insecure they could be feeling or exhausted they may be.

It saddens me to see my business buddies completely freaked out because they have discovered that someone else in their industry is supposedly doing better than them.


“XXXX has just launched their book, I haven’t even started mine” 

“XXXX has sold out her event already, no one is going to want to buy tickets to mine”


The freak out stops them in their tracks and casts that horrible shadow of doubt over what they are doing - I call it paralysis by analysis.

Time to consider things from another point of view. I recently heard this little gem from Ali Hill:


“There is plenty of room on the dance floor for everyone”


There are customers out there waiting to meet you. It’s time to focus on your special gifts, on what makes you unique, tell your story - that’s what people are buying.

Now get on out there and show them what you’ve got!