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The Secret to Successful Outsourcing

If you were following along on my Holiday Proof Your Business series at the end of last year, you will remember we talked about asking for help with your business.

With 2017 well underway, you may have been giving further consideration to the areas of your business that you could outsource to relieve your overwhelm and give you more time to focus on revenue generating activity.

There are countless expertly presented articles, podcasts, webinars and e-books dedicated to the benefits of outsourcing so I am not going talk about that today. What I am going to share with you is the one vital task you need to get done to ensure outsourcing (and business) success:  

Document your business systems and procedures

Systems, procedures, instructions, processes, how-tos - whatever you chose to call them – just know that without documenting them your business can not function properly without you.

Many business owners do not place importance on this exercise. They know the way things are done because it’s all inside their head. For your business to grow, you need to get what is inside your head out so that someone else can carry the load.

The power of well-documented systems and procedures is that it enables someone to slip painlessly into your business and mirror the way things are currently being done. Think of it as a “This is the Way Things are Done Around Here” guide.

Consider all the “departments” or “hats” of your business… admin, marketing, finance, logistics. You probably don’t give a second thought to the way you do things in each area but if you wanted to someone to do the role or wear the “hat” successfully then they need a blueprint. For example: you want someone to manage your social media for you? You need a procedure document stipulating tone, frequency, design, who to engage with, etc.

How you chose to document your procedures is entirely up to you. A Word document or series of documents is perfectly fine. You may find it easier to capture on video - Jing is great for this. Some of my clients like to use programs like Asana or Evernote but you absolutely do not need to invest in any expensive software or apps.

Whatever format you use it needs to be sharable, up-dateable and simple otherwise it will go in the too hard basket and never be referred to again! Save a master copy somewhere safe though.

I support entrepreneurs just like you by extracting the information from inside their heads and formulate efficient and effective procedures that have an enormous impact on their business life.  

“Michelle has the passion, chutzpah and ability to help any good business flourish.” Victoria Baldock, CEO Verve Entertainment

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