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Action always beats intention

It only feels like 5 minutes ago we were packing up the Christmas tree and now we are already a month into the new year!

January saw our social media feeds and email inboxes full of call outs for everyone to get resolution making and goal setting. Many find the new year to be a perfect time to be evaluating where they are at and setting intentions for the year ahead.

However this thinking requires something to take your dreams into reality – action. Many of us get a few weeks into the new year and realise that our best intentions have stalled because real-life got in the way.

So if you fall into the (very large) group of people who are struggling to get the wheels in motion, don’t panic or beat yourself up. Why not give this a try:

Set aside 10 minutes today to take action towards your goal.

That’s all – 10 minutes.

You can do it.

Schedule it into your calendar and go for it. I always do tasks like this right before my coffee break. I say to myself “you can have your coffee when you finish xxxx”. Given my dependency on my mid-morning cup of coffee, it always gets done!

Ask the question, make the connection, take that first step – the worst thing you can do is nothing.

Drop me a line, I’d love to hear how you go.