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The Gift of Time

How was your weekend? If it was anything like mine the festive season has kicked into gear. Christmas trees are up, lists have been prepared for Santa and you’ve emptied Dan Murphys of cut-price champers.

How did you go with scheduling the jobs on your Master Task List last week? I do hope that completing this important activity has relieved you of some anxiety and instilled (a little bit of) calm.

Today I am going to give you a gift that will make a massive difference to you over the next few weeks.


Start your day earlier


I’m not saying wake up early – just earlier than usual. Try half an hour earlier but if that is a stretch then 15 minutes is fine and then build up to half an hour.


By getting up half an hour earlier every day between now and Christmas you will give yourself an extra 10 hours - a whole bonus day!!!!


You know those extra hours you were wishing you had last week – here they are! My gift to you – the gift of time.

 Think what you can do with those extra hours…exercise, reading, planning, uninterrupted work, drink coffee in peace, write some Christmas cards, anything.

 Rising early is a habit that high achievers we so admire like Richard Branson swear by - the early bird catches the worm and all that. If you can push it to more than half an hour earlier… well, you do the maths.

I understand not all of us spring out of bed in the mornings. Try keeping your alarm (aka your phone) in another room. Not only will you sleep better but when your alarm goes off you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Once you are up and out of bed you are making it easier to stay up and get on with your day.

 This is also good training for all the parents who are reading – come Christmas morning when your small people wake you up before dawn you will be in peak condition ;)