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Plan your January

Every industry is different but January can be a quiet month. No amount of wishing or hoping is going to change this. When you contacted your clients last week to tell them of your holiday plans, you would have got an idea of what their movements are during this time too.

Rather than spending the month freaking out about the lack of contact from your clients, make the most of this time by doing some non-reactive tasks.

Have a look over that list of jobs that you took off this year’s To Do list and moved to your list for 2017. Schedule these activities into your calendar for January–  the perfect time to get stuck into them.

Need some more inspiration? It’s a great time to:

  • Work ON your business – planning, goal setting, researching, developing new ideas/products/offerings
  • Expand your knowledge – read or learn something new
  • Build your profile - rewrite bios, create content, update your website, plan your social media calendar for the next few months
  • Connect with clients and other business contacts – use the quiet time for coffees or lunches.
  • Evaluate your business practices – How are you doing things? How long is it taking you? Is there a better way? What would you outsource if you could?

Or simply plan to work shorter days and enjoy the sunshine and downtime you will be wishing for in a few months time!!