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Stay Social

Depending on your type of business, it may still be important to maintain a social media presence while you are on your break. You know your clients best so you will have a measure on how engaged they are likely to be during this time and you should adjust your activity levels accordingly.

 With a bit of pre-planning, this can all be taken care of for you without you having to interrupt your holiday to pick up your phone or open your laptop.

 There are some great scheduling tools around – check out Hootsuite or Buffer.  For your Facebook posts you can use the Scheduling tool on your business page (under Publishing Tools)

 Spend some time this week drafting your posts, sourcing and saving images and get ready for a total digital detox.

 If you do want to take care of your social media posting and engagement yourself, just don’t get sucked into the black-hole! Schedule a time to post each day or so to ensure you don’t waste hours of your precious holiday time doing this. An idea is to do this right before you have to be somewhere/meet someone/drive/be on a plane. Give yourself only enough time to post but not enough to then scroll mindlessly through all of your feeds. Alternatively let the digital fairies do the dirty work by using apps such as Moment or Freedom to shut your session down quick smart.

 The other option is to get a real-life human to take care of the posting and engagement on your behalf… more on that tomorrow.