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Holiday-Proof Your Business

A Little Bit Each Day


Remember back in the days when you worked for someone else and wanted time off you just handed in your leave form, did a bit of a handover with one of your co-workers, popped your out of office message on and away you went?

Now the you are running your own business it’s all “Holidays? What? How?”

You have worked hard all year and you deserve a break. And unless you run a seasonal business, we are approaching the perfect time of year to do it.  I’m talking a proper break – time to spend with your loved ones and do all the things that make your heart sing. 

Health experts tell us time and again how important it is for us to have a holiday – it reduces our stress levels, helps us sleep better and enables us to be more productive (and creative) when we return to work recharged.  

You are probably saying “Michelle, it’s just not possible to take time out” but I am here to tell you it absolutely is. You just need to prepare for it.

Research shows that instead of planning ahead and preparing for holidays, the vast majority of business owners end up working longer hours to cope.

Do you want to roll into the holidays a stressed out mess?

Then let’s defy the statistics and get prepared – together. Starting tomorrow we are going to do a task each day that will help you embark on a stress free holiday.

One of my favourite quotes from Gretchen Rubin - Happiness Guru and author of The Happiness Project and Better than Before – is:

By doing a little bit each day, you can get a lot accomplished

By doing something every day this month, you will be able to switch off from your business and enjoy uninterrupted time with your loved ones this summer.

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